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Palma de Mallorca is one of the nicest place I've been in Europe. Was a very very nice surprise.

It can be easily compared with an "exotic", far away destination, only that for Europeans it's much cheaper. It has it all: history and places to visit, nice beaches and clear blue water, night life, nature.

In 3 days we managed to do and see quite a lot. But I would go back there anytime.

Accommodation was in Palma (the town). Good choice, because the old town is charming, with small narrow streets, a nice port, beautiful architecture. In addition, there are a lot of pubs, restaurants and clubs.

During the night, the old town if full of life. You can see especially very young people everywhere. One thing that caught my attention was the big number of groups of...just women. Very noisy and willing to party.

We spent just one day in Palma and if you go for 3-4 days on the island, that should be enough.

Palma de Mallorca is a great combination of nature, beautiful beaches and sea, charming towns/villages.

We rented a car and left Palma in the direction of Canyon de la Calobra. We stopped in Soller, a nice town with a small port.

On the way to the Canyon de la Calobra, we stopped many times, because the landscape was breathtaking. At a certain point, we realized that if we want to get to the canyon, it is not a good idea to stop everytime we want.

We saw a beautiful lake (where you are not allowed to swim!), olive tree plantations...And also some rocks where I saw spits, so we could have climbed.

The canyon in Palma reminded me a lot of the canyon in Sardinia. In addition, another similarity: in both canyons there is a lot of rock, good for climbing, but just a few routes.

The beach here is rocky and nice if it's empty. We arrived when people were leaving, but there was still a group of noisy Spanish. Which I love, but not when all I want is to relax and enjoy the nature.
Well, you can't have it all!

 Because we had a car, we had the liberty to try more beaches "Cala". Some are crowded, other are very small and quite virgin.

I could not miss Coves del Drach, close to Porto Cristo. Nice experience.

I would recommend Palma de Mallorca as a perfect destination for 3-4 days. Hmm, even for a week. Yes, for sure I will return.

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